·451 4.1.8 Domain of sender address purchase6@XXXXfat.com.cn does not resolve[2016-6-29]
·500 Message rejected[2016-6-29]
·440 mail from account doesnt conform with authentication[2016-6-28]
·554 5.7.1 Message scored extremely high on spam scale. No incident created[2016-6-28]
·554 5.7.1 Message rejected because of unacceptable content[2016-6-28]
·554 front04.ibpmail.net Service not available - from blacklisted IP address[2016-6-28]
·550 5.7.0 Message Size Violation[2016-6-28]
·550 5.7.1 Error: content rejected[2016-6-28]
·554 5.7.1 You are not allowed to connect[2016-6-28]
·554 Your access to this mail system has been rejected due to the sending MTAs po[2016-6-28]
·554 rejecting banned content[2016-6-22]
·552 5.3.4 Error: message file too big from[2016-6-22]
·553 MAIL FROM not matches the address of FROM field in message header[2016-6-22]
·451 4.4.4 Temporary server error. Please try again later ATTR4[2016-6-22]
·421-4.7.0 Our system has detected that this message is suspicious due to the nat[2016-6-21]
·552 sorry, that message size exceeds my databytes limit[2016-6-20]
·552 bounce 1 recips: Backend Replied[2016-6-20]
·550 Mail is rejected by recipients[2016-6-20]
·554 mail server permanently rejected message[2016-6-20]
·550 5.1.1 Error: invalid recipients is found from[2016-6-17]
·553 5.3.0 alph154 DNSBL:ATTRBL 521[2016-6-16]
·554 5.7.1 The message from with the subject of matches a profile the Internet co[2016-6-16]
·550 Requested action not taken: mail is rejected[2016-6-16]
·550 mailbox rejected[2016-6-16]